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Audits offer a well-defined benefit for an entity:

  • they give Shareholders, Management, the Audit Commitee and key officers an independent validation of the adequacy of administrative procedures, the solidity of accounting data and their compliance with the law regulation;

  • they are very important means for the accounting and administrative staff of the firm to receive professional updates given that such staff is the least likely to have exposure to external stimuli;

  • they provide the entity with an excellent communication tool with other stakeholders (banks, suppliers, stock exchanges, etc.);

  • they provide a valid starting point for important deals, such acquisitions, mergers, etc.

Experience has taught us that only a relationship based on mutual collaboration can generate the benefits that transform certification costs into a veritable investment.

It is therefore our constant concern to task our work in the light of the operational requirements of the firm and to look for those data and facts that are strictly necessary for the correct discharge of our responsibilities. In general, we do not need any more than what the Management of the entity already needs for the prudent administration of the business.