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Other services

Other services:

  • preparation of consolidated financial statements;

  • design of package report for the preparation of consolidated financial statements and related Group Accounting Manual;

  • support to IAS/IFRS transition;

  • preparation of interim financials reports;

  • analysis of the financials of competitive entities;

  • training programs for administrative and internal-controls staff;

  • inventory verification, analysis and count to guarantee the appropriateness of the procedures adopted and the fairness of the outcoming data;

  • integrated and social report;

  • audit of projects financed by european public funds (e.g. Horizon 2020);

  • assurance project financing;

  • significant analysis of accounting records to highlight the possible presence of fraud or irregularity and subsequent in - depth analysis;

  • due diligence;

  • agreed upon procedures on specific financial statement areas or internal system of control;

  • reperform and analysis of impairment test;

  • opinion on share ratio.